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Beer Glazed Ham Recipe

Beer Glazed Ham

Following a trip to our local library, my husband brought home Isaac Hayes’ cookbook, Cooking with Heart and Soul.  His recipe for Superbowl Sunday Beer Glazed Ham looked like something we would heartily enjoy.  We first tried it using a Christmas ale and studding the ham with cloves.  The beer was a little overpowering and while delicious, we decided that we were not big fans of the cloves.  The next time we made it, I used a large bone-in ham.  The bone-in ham was half the price and we have the ham bone as an added bonus for making soup or peas/beans.  Instead of the cloves, we used paprika and a light lager beer.  This time the result was perfect for our family’s preferences.  A departure from the traditional beer-glazed ham recipes I found, it is nonetheless delicious!  Taz is enjoying his leftover ham sandwich as I am writing this post.

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