Cinnamon Lip Plumping Balm with Calendula

Cinnamon Lip Plumping Balm with Calendula

Whenever my sister and I got together, in what seems like another life, we would go do the girly things that we would never do normally.  Things like shopping for make-up or getting our nails done.  Now neither one of us have the time to do such things with the babies running around.  On the rare occasions that we can get together, who wants to spend time apart, when we actually have time to do a project together.  This week, my sister came to town for a visit.  We decided it would be fun to make lip balm as both of us are struggling with chapped lips in the dry winter climate.  Continue reading

Citrus Bay Hot Process Soap

Citrus Bay Hot Process Soap

I have always loved Bay based fragrances and last winter a friend asked me to create a bay rum combination that included lime.  I may have enjoyed it a little too much.  This holiday season, when I needed teacher gifts, I pulled out this essential oil combination to make a neutral, naturally scented shea butter soap.  Continue reading

Rustic Hot Cocoa Recipe

Hot Cocoa

Saturday morning our family woke up to this outside.

When Taz woke up and saw all the snow, his response was, “Yay, snow!  Does this mean we can have hot cocoa now?”.  I had already planned on making up the hot cocoa for our Christmas gifts and for the snowy day, so we made up a batch of my personal favorite hot cocoa mix.  My side of the family has requested that I include this particular recipe in their Christmas baskets for the past several years.  I gave my mom and sister a sneak peak yesterday and they agreed that this is the perfect warm me up cup of hot cocoa.  For me, a cup of warm, spicy cinnamon hot cocoa is the perfect way to enjoy the snow.  It reminds me of childhood – thawing out in front of the fire with my hot cocoa after coming in from sledding or playing in the snow with my sister.  The boys have been begging for me to make this everyday for the past week.

In my opinion, this rich milk chocolate with spicy cinnamon and the warmth of a dash of cayenne pepper is the quintessential hot cocoa mix! Continue reading

Starting Growth Hormone Therapy

We heard from our endocrinologist’s office earlier this week and were notified that they had sent in all of our paperwork to our insurance and the pharmaceutical company who manufactures the growth hormone we use.  Growth Hormone Therapy for us comes in a dial-a-dose pen similar to an insulin pen.  We simply dial the correct dose and give the shot each night.  We then received a phone call our case manager from the pharmaceutical company.  Pidge was in the system and our endocrinologist had requested a jump start kit so we could go ahead and get started while we wait for the insurance approval.  When the little ones fail to grow, it affects many aspects of development and early diagnosis and intervention can help prevent a lot of issues down the road.  We had already been through this with our oldest son, and although he is fine now, we wanted to prevent Pidge from having to go through the same thing if at all possible.  We are still waiting to find out if he will need to have the MRI, but for now we can go ahead and start Growth Hormone Therapy. Continue reading

Chia Seed Power Bites

Chia Seed Power Bites

Over the summer, I started looking at ways to add more coconut oil and omega-3 vitamins into our diet.  There has been some research into using omega 3 to treat autism spectrum disorders and it had been suggested by a nutritionist friend of our family’s (source).  While reading through breakfast recipes on one of my favorite blogs, I came across this recipe for Chia Seed Engergy Bars.  We thought the recipe with just dates, was little on the sweet side so I incorporated apricots as a sweetener and to add extra potassium.   Thank you to Katie at for  for incorporating both the coconut oil and omega-3 elements into one bite sized, healthy, easy to prepare pick me up that we all enjoy, even the baby!  My husband and I both use these first thing in the morning to help get us going and keep us going all morning long.  The older boys can eat an entire batch just between the two of them! Continue reading

Hearty Turkey Stew with Wild Rice and Curry

Hearty Turkey Stew

What to do with a container full of torn and shredded turkey?  This is the question I was faced with when my mother brought over a container of Thanksgiving leftovers.  I made it into a hearty turkey stew that even the boys enjoyed garnished with a little shredded Parmesan.  Quick and easy, this meal can be prepped in about 10 minutes and only takes about a half an hour to cook. Continue reading

Kiddisms: The Crazy House of 3 Boys


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom to three boys!!!  When I became pregnant with our third child, people often asked if we had tried for a girl.  Nope, we were hoping for another boy to round things out.  Some of the stunts that the older two have pulled have become legendary in their schools and it looks as though Pidge will follow right along in their footsteps.  I thought I’d post some of their antics and other fun things here to share.  This photo just about sums things up.  I cannot get more than a few photos of the older two without them wrestling and the baby just wants them to go away – it started off as his photo shoot after all.   Enjoy! Continue reading