How to Clean Poop and Blood

Hydrogen peroxide cleans up poop and blood from walls, floors, upholstery, pillows, mesh fabric and clothes!!!

Oh the joys of living with very active boys!  Among my greatest challenges of being a mother is having to clean up the various messes associated with young children.  Yes this post is going to go there – so read on at your own risk.  Along with the typical blood splattering and the occasional blowout clean up on clothes, we are dealing with some digestive issues that cause massive blowouts affecting furniture, clothes and floors.  Furthermore, we had a sensory seeking “painter”.  If you know of what I speak, you know the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you approach their room after nap time and just know what you are going to see when you walk into the room.  I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling we are going to be dealing with more painting here in another few months.  We’ve been told the best way to head this off, is to provide other sensory activities like finger painting, playing with goo or water tables.  However, back to the clean up!  I tried everything from various cleaning sprays to magic erasers on the walls without success.  I even tried scraping it off with a paint scraper (wouldn’t recommend).  These things cleaned up the worst of it, but there were always little bits that got stuck in the texture of the wall.  My best efforts resulted in mostly clean walls, but also a few speckles and spots where the paint had come off.  Eventually, the painting stopped and I figured that we would just have to repaint the walls and got creative with the furniture and decor in the meantime.

This spring I put together a book of baby care recipes for a friend’s baby shower gift and mentioned the great cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide.  I use it in bleach form all the time in the laundry, but also use it to treat clothes.  As it would happen, my spray bottle, filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide was sitting next to the changing table as I was eying the spot on the wall where my son leaned up against it while I was changing him.  Again, I had gotten off the worst, but it still bothered me.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything, so I picked up the bottle and sprayed.  It was like magic!  About 30 seconds after spraying, the poop literally wiped right off – no scrubbing, scraping or picking.  After doing the “why didn’t I think of this before”, I ran into the playroom and immediately started spraying the wall like a mad woman.  It too came right off, effortlessly, even after several years!!  Then I got stupid excited, much to the amusement of my husband and boys.  We may or may not have cranked the music and done some dancing.

Simple thing, really, to have clean walls, but up until now hard to achieve.

How to clean poop and blood off the walls and surfaces

Easy!  Fill a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Spray on the wall.  Wait 30 to 60 seconds, then wipe clean.

Poop and Blood:  Other Surfaces to Clean Up

I also use hydrogen peroxide to clean up various protein based messes from around the house (poop, blood, vomit).  I have also used it to get poop and blood off of upholstery and pillows, mesh playpens, the high chair and my clothes.  It even got blood out of our kitchen grout.  It hasn’t failed me yet!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Chicken Poop

I will admit, we raised our chicks in our master bathroom that never gets used and desperately needs repainting and a new floor.  We figured since the room was already messy, and easily accessible, we would put our chicks in there.  It worked beautifully, except for the occasional splatter beyond the paper.  I had once again cleaned up the worst of it, but there were still a few places that I couldn’t get clean.  Note to self for future chicks:  Tape up newspaper to cover the walls.  Again within 30 seconds of spraying hydrogen peroxide, the mess came right off.

Surfaces We’ve Sprayed Without Damage

Paint:  Gloss, Satin/Eggshell, Flat

Polyurethane Varnish

Fabrics/Upholstery: Velveteen, Velour, Corduroy, Micro suede, Cotton, Polyester

Various Blankets and Pillows prior to washing

Caution:  Take care not to over-soak items with padding underneath.

Caution:  Always test a small hidden spot for color fastness and water spot staining before spraying large surface areas.  We haven’t had any trouble with this.

Oh, almost forgot!  We have also used this to help clean up vomit.  It seems to help quite a bit with the smell.

While having to clean up poop and blood is never a pleasant task, hopefully this will take away some of the nastiness!

Do you have any miracle cleaners that you use?  Please share below!

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