Chipmunk Removal


MunkDunk with Squirrel Feed

We’ve had problems with chipmunks on our property for the first time this year. The little buggers would eat a several of our newly planted crops and we would find freshly dug holes in our plant beds. At first, we tried rat traps laced with peanut butter, but to no avail. They sat without a catch for days. After scouring the internet searching for answers and personally consulting others who have had similar problems with those “adorable” (depending on one’s view) critters , we have found a solution that works. Be forewarned, this does result in the demise of the critter.

What you need:

1) 1 large paint bucket (~5 gallons).
2) 1 2×4 piece of wood or something similar that can act as a ramp.
3) Squirrel feed (black oil sunflower seeds, dried corn, nuts, etc). Some stores have bags available for purchase.


1) Fill the bucket with water up to half capacity.
2) Sprinkle squirrel feed over the water until the water’s surface appears to be solid with feed.
3) Place the bucket next to one of the entrances to the chipmunks’ lair or a section of your property with high chipmunk activity.
4) Place one end of the board along the top rim of the bucket to act as a ramp for the chipmunks to climb.
5) Scatter squirrel feed along the ramp toward the top near the rim of the bucket.
6) Wait and see how many you catch.

Our results:

We activated our trap one night and on the next day by mid afternoon, we had removed 3 of them. In closing, rest in peace little creatures. You were as cute as buttons, but my family needs to eat too.

PS: If anyone knows of a better solution (preferably a no kill remedy), please feel free to comment and share.

Seed Sprouts

Sprouts from the Squirrel Food

A Note of Caution:  Be careful where you dispose of the bait.  This is what happened when we dumped ours out.  On second thought, we might just have to find a place for the black oil sunflowers.








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