DIY Temporary Faucet Cover

Faucet Cover

Heavy snow and frigid temperatures bring back not so pleasant memories of several winters spent living in New England.  One particular snowstorm brought on a comedy of errors like succession of events.  First thing, a March Noreaster dumped 27″ inches of snow.  While not that uncommon, this Midwesterner was impressed and very grouchy at having two feet of snow added to the already 2 feet deep snow in the yard.  Shoveling involved heaving snow up to shoulder height in order to clear the sidewalk.  After nearly 2 hours of shoveling snow, I went inside only to realize that I had locked myself out of my apartment.  I waded through waist deep snow and climbed in a window (not the safest thing, I know).  While thawing out in a steaming shower, the water turned from blissfully hot to frigid instantaneously.  After screaming and getting out, I walked out of the bathroom only to realize that the carpet was squishy with water coming over my toes.  I knew I had not tracked in that much snow so had to throw on clothes and run back outside to the storage area to turn off the water.  The pipe had burst, flooding both units with about an inch of water.  The following few days didn’t get much better with having to clean up the apartments ourselves, dealing with mildew, having a bizarre invasion of ants and having the refrigerator condenser burn out and defrost the freezer and refrigerator, ruining all of my food in there.  Yes this all happened in one week.  Needless to say, I am not a huge fan of freezing temperatures and lots of snow.

We have had subzero temperatures over the past few days and were worried about our outdoor water faucets freezing and bursting pipes inside the house.  We rigged a DIY temporary faucet cover with a plastic grocery bag filled with shipping peanuts.  It was taped into place over the faucet using duct tape.  Who doesn’t love duct tape!  Not the prettiest, but functional nonetheless. We also turned on the inside faucets and let the water trickle throughout the night with the under sink cabinets opened.  -11 degrees and -6 degrees and no burst water pipes!  Success!!  Now to make it through the rest of January and February…

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