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Snow and Below Zero Temperatures, Lovely!

We here in the Midwest are being hit by a lovely (sarcasm) snowstorm with the coldest temperatures I have ever experienced here.  It is still snowing and I would provide measurements if I could but the boys decided Mom’s tape measure was fun and broke it.  After spending a few winters in New England, the forecasted 10″ – 14″ inches is a pain, but doable.  It is the -11 degrees Fahrenheit that I am concerned about.  We here in the lower Midwest do not see these temperatures typically and I am thinking that several of our plants will not survive this winter.  Continue reading

Upcycled Tights Hair Bow

Upcycled Tights Hair Bow

With everything going on lately, I had a calendar mishap and thought I had a full week to crochet a headband as a gift for my adorable baby niece – not the case.  By Saturday night, I still hadn’t gotten it started and it needed to be done for Sunday afternoon’s party.  Not having time to get to the store for elastic, I looked around for items that I could make a stretchy bow headband instead.  I saw a picture of a headband made of an old pair of tights with the ends knotted together into a bow.  This I could do.  I threw together some other elements and cheated by hot gluing the whole thing together and glued the bow onto the tights by wrapping ribbon around the bow and the tights.  Yes, I know that it should have been hand sewn, but it got glued instead.  I’ve never been shopping for a little girl, so this was entirely uncharted territory for me.  Still, I was pleased with the result as I’m not all that crafty as far as things like this go.  Once finished I needed to see if it was going to be big enough.  Pidge got to be the lucky test model.  He loved wearing it and started posing, so of course I had to snap a few photos.

My niece loved it and of course it looked even cuter on her! Continue reading

Cranberry Chutney Recipe

Cranberry Chutney

Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition of assigning a dish to bring for our gathering.  Every year for the past decade or so I have made cranberry chutney.  The recipe has changed a little over the years but this year I think is the best change I’ve made.  It is kid friendly (without the liquor, baby friendly with maple syrup not honey), approved and uses a natural sweetener that even baby Pidge can enjoy.  Given all the antioxidents and good nutrition in the ingredients, I have absolutely no guilt in allowing the boys to eat this with their turkey dinner or as a treat before then.  As I was making this batch up last night, Pidge was my helper.  He and his brother, Dragon, had to try each ingredient as I was adding them and then once everything was mixed, fussed until I gave him some to try.  The two of them proceeded to polish off the chutney in the photo of the finished chutney (it was a small bowl).

This Cranberry Chutney recipe is suitable for those following natural foods diets, including the Paleo Diet. Continue reading