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How to Clean Poop and Blood

Hydrogen peroxide cleans up poop and blood from walls, floors, upholstery, pillows, mesh fabric and clothes!!!

Oh the joys of living with very active boys!  Among my greatest challenges of being a mother is having to clean up the various messes associated with young children.  Yes this post is going to go there – so read on at your own risk.  Continue reading

Upcycled Tights Hair Bow

Upcycled Tights Hair Bow

With everything going on lately, I had a calendar mishap and thought I had a full week to crochet a headband as a gift for my adorable baby niece – not the case.  By Saturday night, I still hadn’t gotten it started and it needed to be done for Sunday afternoon’s party.  Not having time to get to the store for elastic, I looked around for items that I could make a stretchy bow headband instead.  I saw a picture of a headband made of an old pair of tights with the ends knotted together into a bow.  This I could do.  I threw together some other elements and cheated by hot gluing the whole thing together and glued the bow onto the tights by wrapping ribbon around the bow and the tights.  Yes, I know that it should have been hand sewn, but it got glued instead.  I’ve never been shopping for a little girl, so this was entirely uncharted territory for me.  Still, I was pleased with the result as I’m not all that crafty as far as things like this go.  Once finished I needed to see if it was going to be big enough.  Pidge got to be the lucky test model.  He loved wearing it and started posing, so of course I had to snap a few photos.

My niece loved it and of course it looked even cuter on her! Continue reading

Caterpillar Surprise!

Several weeks ago (can’t remember exactly), I found an interesting caterpillar on my carrot leaves.  I brought it in to show the boys.  We put it in a jar with some leaves for them to look at a little longer.  The boys being boys, well needless to say I found an empty jar and no caterpillar in sight.  Fast forward a few weeks and I had a bad start when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, looked at the window and saw what looked like either a huge butterfly or a small bird flapping at the window.  It was of course a butterfly.  After a bit of research, it has been identified as a male Papilio polyxenes or more commonly, a Black Swallowtail. Double checked with the photos I took of the caterpillar.  Yep, it was a match.  Mystery of the disappearing caterpillar solved.  A nice surprise for the day.

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Cranberry Oatmeal Waffles

With the rising cost of cereal and other breakfast foods, I set about trying to find a healthy, filling alternative.  We needed something that my husband could grab on his way out the door or the boys could grab to eat for a morning meal or mess free snack.  I love foods that don’t make a big mess or take me forever to try to clean up.  I don’t know how they do it, but our kids manage to track most foods throughout the house – especially cereal, but I digress.

We came up with an easy alternative to cereal inspired by traditional oat based cakes called bannock bread.   Continue reading

Hens and Kids…

Whenever we are outside, our hens have to come say hello to us and check on the boys.  Today, a few of them decided to play with our youngest son.  Summer has become his constant companion when we are working in the garden.  She follows him around, talking to him and waiting for him to play with her.  Today was no different, except for Mamma remembered to grab the camera…

You know your child is raised on an urban farm when…

This evening, as I was chopping the greens from our meager turnip harvest in our kitchen, our oldest son, who is just really starting to talked looked at me, smiled sweetly and said, “pretty mama”.  This was quickly followed by, “pretty hair”.  Well, being mama, I just about melted.  My elation was brief.  He then looked at me and then the turnips, looked back at me and said, “pretty dirt”.  My ego took just a wee blow at being compared with the dirt on the kitchen table, but it was soon followed with all of us laughing.  Ahh.. out of the mouths of babes.