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When My Heart Cries I Cry

When my heart cries I cry

Maybe it was everything that has been happening over the past few months and trying to accept things for what they are and moving forward, but when Taz said this while I was making dinner last night, it made me pause and say “wow” to myself.  Of course it was said because of the fact that we told him no more Power Rangers, but I still thought it was profound.

Kiddisms: The Crazy House of 3 Boys


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom to three boys!!!  When I became pregnant with our third child, people often asked if we had tried for a girl.  Nope, we were hoping for another boy to round things out.  Some of the stunts that the older two have pulled have become legendary in their schools and it looks as though Pidge will follow right along in their footsteps.  I thought I’d post some of their antics and other fun things here to share.  This photo just about sums things up.  I cannot get more than a few photos of the older two without them wrestling and the baby just wants them to go away – it started off as his photo shoot after all.   Enjoy! Continue reading