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Get Rid of Chipmunks


Let me just say, chipmunks are absolutely adorable!!  At least that is what we thought too until a few years ago.  At the time, we posted about a highly effective method of chipmunk removal after losing a front yard worth of plant to theses pests – the Munk Dunk.  We inadvertently used it again earlier this summer when I found 3 chipmunks floating in a 5 gallon bucket that had been overlooked and filled with rainwater.  As heartless as it may be, it is an effective method.

That said, we have had several more losses to chipmunks in the past few years, including, but not limited to a 3 foot tall rosemary bush.  We have been trying other methods to protect our garden over the past several years.  Here are the results. Continue reading

Caterpillar Surprise!

Several weeks ago (can’t remember exactly), I found an interesting caterpillar on my carrot leaves.  I brought it in to show the boys.  We put it in a jar with some leaves for them to look at a little longer.  The boys being boys, well needless to say I found an empty jar and no caterpillar in sight.  Fast forward a few weeks and I had a bad start when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, looked at the window and saw what looked like either a huge butterfly or a small bird flapping at the window.  It was of course a butterfly.  After a bit of research, it has been identified as a male Papilio polyxenes or more commonly, a Black Swallowtail. Double checked with the photos I took of the caterpillar.  Yep, it was a match.  Mystery of the disappearing caterpillar solved.  A nice surprise for the day.

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Squash Vine Borers

Over the past week or so, we suddenly lost all but two of our yellow squash, three zucchini plants, several pumpkins and one butternut squash.  They would be beautiful and lush one day, wilted the next and gone within another day.

Melittia cucurbitae foraging holly blossoms. Georgetown County, SC

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Chipmunk Repellent

Spring arrived and I had grand visions of bright, beautiful blooms in drifts of color in the front yard – sunflowers, hollyhocks, nasturtium, money plants, foxglove and zinnias.  I planted the seeds and watched them sprout and grow into healthy plants.  Finally, the weather warmed up enough that we were able to get the beds put in and planted.  Now to watch everything grow – or not.

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Chipmunk Removal


MunkDunk with Squirrel Feed

We’ve had problems with chipmunks on our property for the first time this year. The little buggers would eat a several of our newly planted crops and we would find freshly dug holes in our plant beds. At first, we tried rat traps laced with peanut butter, but to no avail. They sat without a catch for days. After scouring the internet searching for answers and personally consulting others who have had similar problems with those “adorable” (depending on one’s view) critters , we have found a solution that works. Be forewarned, this does result in the demise of the critter.

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