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Crockpot Caramel Apple Butter

Caramel Apple Butter

I love apple butter in the fall!  The thought of apples, cinnamon and spices just makes my mouth water.  Although we have an apple tree, it will not bear for several years.  This Fall, I found a local co-op with a fantastic price for a bushel of apples so I  got two bushels.  One for making applesauce and apple butter, the other for eating, drying and more applesauce.  I found this recipe on for making apple butter in a crockpot and absolutely had to try making my own version! Continue reading

Freezing Peas



There is nothing like the taste of crisp, fresh sugar and snow peas first thing in the spring.  Our peas have just about finished for the season.  Although peas usually bloom in two flushes, our second round of peas fizzled out due to an abrupt shift from spring to scorching summer this month.  We had a great harvest for our first round – more than what we could eat at the time.  I was able to blanch and freeze two batches of peas for later in the season.  Our kids love to eat frozen peas as a snack anytime and we all enjoy them with stir fries for a taste of spring in winter.

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