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How to Clean Poop and Blood

Hydrogen peroxide cleans up poop and blood from walls, floors, upholstery, pillows, mesh fabric and clothes!!!

Oh the joys of living with very active boys!  Among my greatest challenges of being a mother is having to clean up the various messes associated with young children.  Yes this post is going to go there – so read on at your own risk.  Continue reading

Chicken Lady No More

Sadly, we have lost our fight to keep our hens.  After being given permission, by the HOA, in July of 2012, we were served with an injuction lawsuit.  We went around in circles until June of this year when we finally gave up and agreed to place our remaining girls in another home.  They have gone to a wonderful family and are being treated like the pampered pets that they were to us. Continue reading

Saving our Pet Chickens from our HOA

We have not been very active on our blog for the past year although we still have our garden and flock, having expanded both over the past year.  We decided to post a summary of our fight against our HOA to keep our Pet Chickens.  We hope that in doing so it may help others be successful against their HOAs as well!  Last summer, our HOA sent us a Notice of Violation regarding a complaint about our chickens.  One of our neighbors had complained.  This was accompanied by inspections from the Department of Health and Safety Animal Control and the Humane Society.  We were told in person that as neighbors adjacent to us had placed their homes on the market, we were being inconsiderate of them by building a coop and introducing a flock to our garden.  Never mind the house had been on the market for 8 months before we put our hens outside.  Both houses sold by mid summer and we checked with owners to ensure that our hens were not an issue.  They assured us that it was other issues with the home and the subdivision that prevent the sale. We even overheard a realtor using our garden and hens to sell the home behind us as their deck overlooks our garden.  We also had issues with one neighborhood resident repeatedly attempting to enter our back yard while they thought we were not home as there were no cars in the driveway.  This prompted us to post No Trespassing signs on our fence.  We heard nothing further from our Trustees regarding this and were under the impression that the matter had been resolved. Continue reading

Aethel – Rest In Peace Little Hen

Last night when Aethel did not line up to come in the night with her other girls, my husband and I were afraid that something was very wrong with our little Sussex hen.  We walked around the garden looking for her in all the usual places.  We found her against the foundation of the house in one of the hens’ favorite spots.  It looked as though she simply succumbed to the heat. Continue reading

Hens and Kids…

Whenever we are outside, our hens have to come say hello to us and check on the boys.  Today, a few of them decided to play with our youngest son.  Summer has become his constant companion when we are working in the garden.  She follows him around, talking to him and waiting for him to play with her.  Today was no different, except for Mamma remembered to grab the camera…

Chicken Chiropractics

Being new chicken parents, my husband and I were very much feeling our way along the path of chicken ownership.  As with so many other things, sometimes things don’t go exactly as we envision them.  Shortly after bringing our hens home, one of the them stopped growing and showed signs of limping.  We thought she may have a broken hip or leg and could not lift her neck.  She was isolated from the others, given a diet of sweet potatoes and we added vitamins/electrolytes to her water.  After a few days she had not shown any sign of improvement and cried almost nonstop.  We decided she had suffered enough and took her outside to let her explore a bit before we put her out of her misery.

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Our First Experiences With Chickens

Brahma Hen

Our Brahma Hen

Recently, with the prices of food rising, especially eggs, we decided that we wanted to make a concentrated effort to raise chickens.  I have never had the opportunity to interact with chickens other than in grade school when we hatched baby chickens in incubators, so I knew this would have a steep learning curve.  After scouring the internet for sites on the different breeds of chickens, we were pleased to discover which had fairly good descriptions and accompanying pictures.

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