Goals: Our Path to Independence

Summer 2011

Finish up the landscaping project and finish mulching.

Measure the amount of produce from each type of vegetable and herb.  See what is most productive, providing us with the best nutrition.

Compare growth and productivity for plants located in multiple areas.  Determine maximum effectiveness.

Learn how to gather and save seeds for next year’s crops.

Experiment with different methods of preserving our harvests.

Determine which of our lawn weeds are edible and test them along with other unusual edibles already located in our garden.

Complete the chicken coop and run.

Improve our composting skills.

Build our network with other gardeners and urban homesteaders.

Start seeds for fall planting.

Set out a small fruit and vegetable stand in our front yard to sell produce.

Fall 2011

Harvest and put up our garden produce.

Plant fall vegetables.

Add fruit and nut trees to our small container orchard.  (finances permitting)

Winterize plants.

Prepare beds for spring.

Start collecting eggs from our hens.

Winter 2011/12

Start winter sown seeds.

Experiment with herbs for our own tea combinations.

Develop recipes for using our preserved harvests.

Focus on expanding our home based businesses.


Create our farm’s first online catalog for seeds and products.

Expand our garden planting area.

Expand our plantings of existing perennials and try a few new vegetables and fruits.

Develop products for sale by our farm to help support our maintenance and expansion costs.


Continue to read and network in order to educate ourselves on gardening, homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Continue to keep our expenses low by prioritizing necessities, weighing wants vs. needs, using coupons and other cost saving techniques, and reducing our dependence on utilities.

Future and As Finances Allow

Create higher raised beds.

Incorporate tiers along the fence-line.

Install drainage and irrigation systems.

Install rain barrels.

Build a greenhouse.

Add trellises to our fence supports to create a living privacy fence.  This will allow us to keep our light while incorporating more vertical space in the garden.

Install a small fish pond.

Continue to replace our major appliances with more energy efficient ones.

Install a solar power attic fan.

Replace several of our southern exposure windows with greenhouse/bay windows that open.

Convert the front lawn into an attractive, water efficient, usable garden.

Create an indoor growing space for winter vegetable production.

Create an indoor storage area for for produce and garden products.

Purchase garden tools, including tilling equipment.

Install solar panels to reduce our energy consumption.

Install an alternative heating and cooling system – we are looking into thermal energy systems.

Install a small rooftop wind turbine if county ordinances change.


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