4 weeks of Growth Hormone Therapy

Today marks the 4 week anniversary of starting Growth Hormone Therapy for Pidge.  The past few days, I’ve had to squeeze him into his sleep and plays and other clothes.  We cloth diaper so things are always a bit snug, but there was no snapping them the last two days.  I dug our 9-12 month clothes out of storage this morning and will change sizes in his dresser.  He outgrew his 6-9 month clothes in 2 weeks!  This morning I attempted to get a decent measurement on him and managed to get a fairly accurate estimate of 28″.  It is no wonder his clothes don’t fit any more.  He has grown over 2 inches in the past 4 weeks!!  He is still in the “catch up” phase of starting growth hormone therapy.  For the first year or so, children who start therapy, catch up to their genetic potential and their growth then slows to that of a typical child.  They can grow extremely fast at first but it does not mean they will then exceed the height that they were meant to be as adults.  Given that Pidge was 21 1/4″ at birth and almost 10 lbs, we knew he was supposed to be a big boy.  We are guessing that as we caught the growth hormone deficiency early, his growth will be rapid over the next 6 months and then slow to his normal growth rate.

We are seeing a lot of improvement in development too.  After stopping all babbling, he is now back to it and “talking” up a storm.  He is also making great progress in catching up on his gross motor skills.  He is now able to get into a sitting position unassisted and sit up.  He also started crawling a week and a half ago.  Now, he is on the floor and on the move.

We knew he was supposed to be a big boy, but oh my! :)

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