How to Clean Poop and Blood

Hydrogen peroxide cleans up poop and blood from walls, floors, upholstery, pillows, mesh fabric and clothes!!!

Oh the joys of living with very active boys!  Among my greatest challenges of being a mother is having to clean up the various messes associated with young children.  Yes this post is going to go there – so read on at your own risk.  Continue reading

Pumpkin Ice Popsicles

Like many other moms with young children, I have to be creative when it comes to vegetables.  Not only does our food have to have a lot of flavor, but it should preferably be the consistency of baby food.  We seem to be much more successful when they are either pureed as a condiment, frozen or mixed into a drink.  Recently, I tried combining applesauce and pumpkin to make a frozen treat that tastes like pumpkin pie.  We have now made several batches.  The boys all love it!  I don’t get upset when they ask for seconds or thirds and they get to have a naturally sweet treat.  I would call this success a win for all parties involved!

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Get Rid of Chipmunks


Let me just say, chipmunks are absolutely adorable!!  At least that is what we thought too until a few years ago.  At the time, we posted about a highly effective method of chipmunk removal after losing a front yard worth of plant to theses pests – the Munk Dunk.  We inadvertently used it again earlier this summer when I found 3 chipmunks floating in a 5 gallon bucket that had been overlooked and filled with rainwater.  As heartless as it may be, it is an effective method.

That said, we have had several more losses to chipmunks in the past few years, including, but not limited to a 3 foot tall rosemary bush.  We have been trying other methods to protect our garden over the past several years.  Here are the results. Continue reading

When My Heart Cries I Cry

When my heart cries I cry

Maybe it was everything that has been happening over the past few months and trying to accept things for what they are and moving forward, but when Taz said this while I was making dinner last night, it made me pause and say “wow” to myself.  Of course it was said because of the fact that we told him no more Power Rangers, but I still thought it was profound.

Pork Loin with Rosemary and Garlic

Pork Loin

Happy weekend!  Our family cannot get enough pork!  We found our favorite pork recipe in a modern translation of a 16th century French cookbook and served it for our wedding reception.  But that is a recipe for another day.  This recipe however is an variation using beer and rosemary.  We made the photographed meal earlier this week and ate it two nights in a row.  Pork is one of the few leftovers my family will eat and not complain about.  The smell of the garlic and rosemary roasting on a cold, snowy, miserable day is a wonderful treat at the end of a long day. Continue reading

4 weeks of Growth Hormone Therapy

Today marks the 4 week anniversary of starting Growth Hormone Therapy for Pidge.  The past few days, I’ve had to squeeze him into his sleep and plays and other clothes.  We cloth diaper so things are always a bit snug, but there was no snapping them the last two days.  I dug our 9-12 month clothes out of storage this morning and will change sizes in his dresser.  He outgrew his 6-9 month clothes in 2 weeks!  This morning I attempted to get a decent measurement on him and managed to get a fairly accurate estimate of 28″.  It is no wonder his clothes don’t fit any more.  He has grown over 2 inches in the past 4 weeks!!  He is still in the “catch up” phase of starting growth hormone therapy.  For the first year or so, children who start therapy, catch up to their genetic potential and their growth then slows to that of a typical child.  They can grow extremely fast at first but it does not mean they will then exceed the height that they were meant to be as adults.  Given that Pidge was 21 1/4″ at birth and almost 10 lbs, we knew he was supposed to be a big boy.  We are guessing that as we caught the growth hormone deficiency early, his growth will be rapid over the next 6 months and then slow to his normal growth rate.

We are seeing a lot of improvement in development too.  After stopping all babbling, he is now back to it and “talking” up a storm.  He is also making great progress in catching up on his gross motor skills.  He is now able to get into a sitting position unassisted and sit up.  He also started crawling a week and a half ago.  Now, he is on the floor and on the move.

We knew he was supposed to be a big boy, but oh my! :)

Snow and Below Zero Temperatures, Lovely!

We here in the Midwest are being hit by a lovely (sarcasm) snowstorm with the coldest temperatures I have ever experienced here.  It is still snowing and I would provide measurements if I could but the boys decided Mom’s tape measure was fun and broke it.  After spending a few winters in New England, the forecasted 10″ – 14″ inches is a pain, but doable.  It is the -11 degrees Fahrenheit that I am concerned about.  We here in the lower Midwest do not see these temperatures typically and I am thinking that several of our plants will not survive this winter.  Continue reading

Beer Glazed Ham Recipe

Beer Glazed Ham

Following a trip to our local library, my husband brought home Isaac Hayes’ cookbook, Cooking with Heart and Soul.  His recipe for Superbowl Sunday Beer Glazed Ham looked like something we would heartily enjoy.  We first tried it using a Christmas ale and studding the ham with cloves.  The beer was a little overpowering and while delicious, we decided that we were not big fans of the cloves.  The next time we made it, I used a large bone-in ham.  The bone-in ham was half the price and we have the ham bone as an added bonus for making soup or peas/beans.  Instead of the cloves, we used paprika and a light lager beer.  This time the result was perfect for our family’s preferences.  A departure from the traditional beer-glazed ham recipes I found, it is nonetheless delicious!  Taz is enjoying his leftover ham sandwich as I am writing this post.

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